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Advanced Space Technologies


Advanced Space Technologies

Precision Spacecraft Formation - Patented, Nano-Precision, Contamination-free Photon Tether Formation Flight (PTFF) System - Enhancing next generation satellite/spacecraft missions. Offering dramatically lower launch weights and station keeping costs, orders of magnitude increases in observation resolutions from space in high orbits.

Advanced Propulsion – Patented Photonic Laser Thruster (PLT) - Enabling wide ranges of next generation space endeavors from nanometer precision spacecraft formation control to propelling spacecraft to speeds approaching a fraction of the speed of light that are necessary for interstellar flight.

Advanced Soft X-Ray Generation Technologies

With the use of our new way of generating Metastable Innershell Molecular State (MIMS) in High Energy Density Materials (HEDM) with pressures exceeding 100 Mbar (10 TPa), we are developing innovative soft x-ray generation methods for a wide range of applications from semiconductor lithography to inertial fusion.



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