Founded in 2007, Y.K. Bae Corp develops revolutionary photonic systems that can unleash the ultimate potentials of photons for the next generation human endeavor from space travel beyond the moon to nuclear fusion power generation.

The pressure exerted by light quanta, photons, is negligible in daily life, but plays vital roles in from controlling black hole radiations and jets as shown here to generating inertial fusion energy.  In the extreme space environment, the ultra-energetic molecule, Metastable Innershell Molecular State (MIMS) is predicted to exist and be crucial in controlling radiative hydrodynamics involving extreme photon pressure.  We are here to harness such ultimate potentials of photons for expanding human capabilities.

Dr. Young Bae, the Founder with the 1st Photonic Laser Thruster demonstrator.  As a freshman of the UC Berkeley Physics Ph.D. program, Dr. Bae was greatly inspired to envision that lasers would one day revolutionize the human history by his freshman advisor, Prof. Charles Townes, the inventor of lasers, when Dr. Townes toured Dr. Bae and his fellow students through the Lawrence Livermore National Lab laser fusion facility.  Later, Dr. Bae was inspired to envision revolutionary space systems by Dr. Robert Forward. a visionary and a leading pioneer of advanced rocket concepts, when they collaborated to develop antimatter rocket engines for interstellar travel.  Such inspirations have played a vital role in envisioning our revolutionary photonic systems.


Vision Towards the Interplanetary and Interstellar Space Revolution

At Y.K. BAE, we are developing the pathway to and researching on solving key problems to opening the interplanetary and interstellar space revolution.  We aim to develop the science and technology for:

Two scaled-up Photonic Laser Thrusters can form a space transportation infrastructure, the Photonic Railway, for commuting between the earth and other planets, moons and asteroids.  In the Photonic Railway, the laser beams form a virtual rail, and propel and slow down the Space Train equipped with a large photonic sail.  Advantages of the Photonic Railway include no-need to carry large amount of fuel,  the capability to transmit limitless electrical power to the Space Train, and the capability to generate an artificial gravity to avoid health problems associated with zero-gravity space travel.

In this video (4x speed), Photonic Laser Thruster (PLT) stops and propels back an approaching spacecraft (a CubeSat) for feasibility demonstration of spacecraft maneuvering and the Photonic Railway.