MIMS X-Ray Generators

MIMS (Metastable Innershell Molecular State) is the ultra-energetic molecule that forms in astronomical pressures, and has been demonstrated to convert compression energy into x-ray photons at extremely high efficiency.  MIMS was discovered by Dr. Bae, the Founder.  Our technologies enable the utilization of MIMS x-ray photons for a wide range of applications from semiconductor lithography to inertial nuclear fusion.
K-Shell MIMS Binding Energy Derived from a Wide Range of Experimental Data
K-Shell MIMS Bond Length Derived Theoretically (Red) and from Experimental Data

Experimental Setup for Investigating Continuous MIMS X-ray Generation

A prototype MXG-C is developed to generate CW x-ray beams with photon energies from 50 - 300 eV at high conversion efficiency.

Sub-scale Experimental Setup for Investigating Pulsed MIMS X-ray Generation

This picture shows a sub-scale hypervelocity jet generator that is energized by high explosives developed in collaboration with the Los Alamos National Lab.  (Picture credit: Los Alamos National Lab)

 Simulation of Hypervelocity Jet Generation with the Sub-scale shock generator.